iMarketVend Omni-Channel B2C CRM

The iMarketVend Omni-Channel B2C CRM is a pure B2C CRM that lets you connect and engage with your customers across all touch points to build and enhance your relationship, increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases. The platform lets you engage your customers on every channel including Email, smartphones, tablets, Internet, Search Engines, Social Media and in-store. Using the iMarketVend B2C CRM you can execute Omni-Channel Campaigns and promotions, do email marketing, measure ROI from digital and conventional media and allow your customers to reach you on all digital channels using the touch point of their choice.

Email Marketing

Drag and Drop Template Builder

Using the powerful built in Email Marketing module, you can design your own email templates from a scratch, use one of the templates pre-designed by us for your Brand, upload custom email templates, schedule email campaigns, measure delivery rate of emails, emails read, emails bounced and email forwards.

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Mobile Optimized Email

Based on a Forrester Research study, the highest used smartphone feature is Email in close competition to Social Media. Even with smartphone users Email continues to dominate as the major influence in purchasing decisions. The iMarketVend Platform integrates several mobile Optimized templates for you to use for marketing to users who access email from a smartphone.

A/B Optimization

The A/B optimization engine in iMarketVend allows you to configure multiple emails and test them with a small sample of your segment. Based on the success criteria defined by you the engine automatically sends the email with the highest success rate to the remaining recipients thereby greatly maximizing the success of the campaign.

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Highly Scalable

The iMarketVend platform is capable of delivering one hundred thousand emails per hour. No matter the size of your campaign, it will be Delivered. In addition to delivery, the platform also keeps detailed metrics about delivery, bounce, greylisting and other deliverability metrics. For custom deployments, we can scale upto one million emails per server instance per hour.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Integration

You can post promotions and specials on Facebook using the iMarketVend Social module. In addition to engaging customers this also strengthens the relationship so you can post informational messages like Product Updates, New Arrivals or simply information to promote Consumer Awareness of your products.

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Twitter Integration

Similar to Facebook you can post messages on Twitter to engage with prolific “tweeters”. The iMarketVend platform lets you schedule when the post needs to be sent on Twitter so you can precisely time the execution of a Multi-Channel Campaign across all channels.

Powerful Segmentation and Targeting

Segmenting your customers is critical to ensure you are delivering personalized and relevant messages to your customers.

Configurable Rules based Segmentation

Using the built-in segmentation module you can segment your customers based on their demographics, products purchased, Categories Purchases, Life Time Value, Average Order Value (30,60,90 days or one year), Conversion Rate and more.

Customizable Campaign Landing Pages

Having your customers land on the home page of site for every new campaign or promotion is not a good practice. It is important that the customer can read details about a campaign that they received via email or via a link posted on google adwords etc.

Relevant Content

Using the built-in segmentation module you can segment your customers based on their demographics, products purchased, Categories Purchases, Life Time Value, Average Order Value (30,60,90 days or one year), Conversion Rate and more.

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A/B Optimization

In order to further maximize the conversion rate of a campaign, you can design up to 10 campaign landing pages for the same campaign and define A/B logic to display the page with the most conversion rate once the winning page has been chosen. This eliminates the inherent risk of the “Hypothesis Approach” and uses actual behavior of your customers to display the page that they are responding to in the most favorable way.

Conventional Media Integration

From within the iMarketVend platform you can generate custom QR codes to display on your conventional media campaigns in newspaper, banners, magazines etc. These QR codes can be easily tied to a campaign landing page that you have created. This has a dual benefit – not only you are able to define a call to action but also able to give the customers more content and interactivity than what can be displayed on the conventional media advertisement. In addition iMarketVend tracks the hits and other metrics to calculate the ROI from every conventional media campaign. This empowers you with the information needed, to reallocate your marketing budget efficiently and maximize your ROI across all campaigns, digital and conventional.

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