Native Apps offer the most Customer Engagement compared to other digital channels

Loyalty and Trust

When a customer downloads an App, he/she has in some ways allowed the Brand to live in his own Personal Real Estate – The Smartphone. Customers do not randomly install apps on their smartphones (Games excluded). The decision to install an app is based on the trust that the customer places in the brand.

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Ultimate User Experience

Native Apps offer several advantages over browser based mobile sites. They are developed specifically for one platform, and can take full advantage of all the device features — they can use the camera, the GPS, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, push notification, Mic and Speaker, User Interface and graphics and smooth Navigation. They can also incorporate gestures and can work offline.

App Only Promotions

Given that App users are more engaged with the brand it provides a greater opportunity to target them with App only deals and promotions thereby rewarding them for their patronage. This would further drive up the number of app users and thereby Customer Engagement. Tailor the shopping experience for each visitor to your site with personalized product recommendations. These recommendations, based on leading-edge data science and predictive intelligence, will maximize conversion rates and increase average order value.

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Faster Performance – Load Times

Customers have come to expect the same responsiveness from Mobile sites as they get with a Desktop site. Apps generally perform faster compared to Mobile optimized websites thereby providing the ultimate user experience to your customers.

Easy Discovery on App Store/Google play

Native apps can be easily searched for on the AppStore or GooglePlay. Being found easily is a huge advantage Apps have over Mobile Sites.

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Persistent Shopping Cart

According to Forrester Research customers are more likely to use multiple touchpoints to complete a sale. Customers can add products to their shopping cart on a desktop and place the order from their mobile phone. The iMarketVend platform makes this possible.

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