The iMarketVend Mall Marketing Solution is now offered as a digital mall solution.



The iMarketVend Mall Marketing Solution comes with completely NATIVE iPhone and Android Apps of your Mall. You can post information like Events, Store Listing, Dining Options and Photo Gallery using the Apps.


Mobile Website and Internet Website are also integrated into the platform. This ensures that the content can be centrally managed and delivered to the customers across all touchpoints consistently and simultaneously. The Mobile website ensures that other smartphone users like Symbian and Blackberry can also have the Mall information at their fingertips.


The Parking assistant is a great feature for customers to save their parking location in several ways including GPS assisted location tracking.


The solution comes with a module for seamlessly integrating any existing loyalty programs or design a new one into the Mobile Apps and Sites. This has several benefits including winning over customers who dont want to carry yet another physical card in their wallets.


The Apps have an integrated searchable map of the Mall that can help customers find a store or dining location easily.


The solution also integrates a powerful email marketing module that the Mall operators can use to send promotions via email to their customers.


Facebook’s astounding success is just one example about the appetite online users have for online interaction. This opens up a unique opportunity for Brands to hang out with their customers at “Avenue Social Media”.

Facebook Integration

You can post promotions and specials on Facebook using the iMarketVend Social module. In addition to engaging customers this also strengthens the relationship so you can post informational messages like Product Updates, New Arrivals or simply information to promote Consumer Awareness.

Twitter Integration

Similar to Facebook you can post messages on Twitter to engage with prolific “tweeters”. The iMarketVend lets you schedule when the post needs to be sent on Twitter so you can precisely time the execution of a Multi Channel Campaign across all channels.


In App Marketing

You can send “In-App Only Promotions” to your Native App users on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Other opportunities include push notifications, new product releases and event notifications to name a few.

Affiliate Marketing

All Digital Channels serviced by the platform support a unique feature called iExchange. The iExchange feature allows you to send affiliate promotions to all your customers across all Digital Channels. You can easily monetize the iExchange feature by serving Advertisements from a non Affiliate or an Advertising Network.


New Releases and realtime Inventory Search

Tenants can povide us data feeds of the inventory and new product releases that can be searchable by customers. This greatly expowers the customers and promotes customer engagement.

Localized Information

Based on preferences from Shopping centers and Brands, the information displayed on the app can be greatly localized. The GPS feature in the phone makes this possible enabling us to display promotions in the store nearest to the customer.

Sell Event Tickets

Our platform seamlessly integrates Mobile and E Ticketing into the platform. This allows tenants that have saleable events like Movie theaters etc to sell tickets via the Mobile and Online touchpoints.

Increased Customer Loyalty

By engaging their customers on all channels, and reaching them via the very personal mobile touchpoints, brands establish an open communication channel with their customers thereby increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

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