iMarketVend Mobile Commerce Platform

Seamlessly Extend your E Commerce capabilities to mobile devices

Be Accessible to your Customers at All Times

Smartphones have opened up an entirely new communication channel. One that is with your customers at all times. The iMarketVend Mobile Platform puts your storefront at your customers’ fingertips thereby making it very easy for your customers to do business with you. It helps you deliver the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience that customers expect with Omni-Channel Commerce.

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Incremental Revenue Opportunity

Customers are increasingly choosing digital shopping over traditional brick and mortar. It is becoming increasingly imperative for Retailers to have storefronts on all digital channels including Web and Mobile. iMarketVend platform enables superior speed, agility and scalability by empowering retailers to execute growth strategies without the technical barriers of traditional on premise solutions.

Swipe To Order

Using the iMarketVend Mobile Platform your customers can interact with your storefront in more convenient ways. Touch screens have a whole new personalized touch and feel that a mouse on a desktop could not offer.

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Fast Loading – backed by In-Memory Database technology

Customers have come to expect the same responsiveness from Mobile sites as they get with a desktop site. The iMarketVend Platform has been designed for fast response times to provide the ultimate user experience to your shoppers. Consumers today expect a unified experience: consistent and seamless interactions wherever, whenever and however they shop. To make this happen, retailers need a unified platform to power this experience, leveraging a single view of customers, orders and products across all retail channels. The best way to stay competitive and deliver consumers the experiences they desire is through a robust and responsive commerce platform.

Persistent Shopping Cart

According to Forrester Research customers are more likely to use multiple touchpoints to complete a sale. Customers can add products to their shopping cart on a desktop and place the order from their mobile phone. The iMarketVend platform makes this possible via the persistent shopping cart feature.

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iPad/Tablet Support

The iMarketVend platform compatible with iPad and other Android and windows tablets. Having tablets loaded with your online catalogs for In-Store use open up a whole new set of opportunities by helping to prevent lost sales due to out of stock items or variations of a product that are not in store. Customers are more likely to order an item if they are able to see the product on a tablet if it is currently not available in the store. In-Store solutions can be used for more innovative purposes like “Line Busting”, “Personalization” etc.

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