iMarketVend E Commerce Platform

The most comprehensive e-commerce platform in the industry

Powerful Merchandising Tools

iMarketvend platform provides you the ability to create innovative and customized online stores. Our platform offers active merchandising tools as well as the convenience of full control of your site. Leave behind the technical barriers of growth, expensive maintenance contracts and investments in a technical infrastructure. Powerful merchandising tools integrated in the iMarketVend platform include, Multiple Product Images, Zoom Capabilities, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities, Highlight New Products and Promotions and more.

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Easy to Customize

The platform can be easily customized to your requirements including Branding changes, Custom Layout, Custom Product Display and Search and Merchandising. You can launch multiple Sites/Portals for different Brands, Languages and Currencies from the same control panel. It also comes with an accessible API, empowering technical teams to develop customized brand experiences across every channel and customer interaction point.

Centralized Catalog Management

The customer today is informed and is looking for quality service delivery, decreased turnaround transaction time, convenience, value for money and appreciation. On the other hand, the retail businesses want to meet the increasing customer demands while continuing to battle with higher costs of operations and stiff business competition. iMarketVend platform allows you to create Multiple Catalogs and Product Groups to suit your unique needs and allow your customers to find products easily.

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Flexible Product Options

The platform allows you to specify unlimited Product options. You are not limited in any way from defining custom options and attributes for any product. The platform offers varied options for detailed product listings, shopping cart and payment processing features thus delivering an exceptional user experience power packed with innumerable features.

Easy to Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

The platform allows you to define Product relationships based on Cross selling or Up Selling potential. The Recommended Products functionality automatically presents the customer with up-sell and cross-sell options to maximize revenue.

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Highly Scalable In-Memory Database Technology

The iMarketVend platform is built on a massively parallel In-Memory database technology. The proprietary technology offloads the disk based storage by 95% thereby resulting an extremely high degree of scalability with limited hardware resources. Built on a scalable and secure multi-tenant architecture, the platform provides enterprise capabilities and inherent agility. Retailers can rest easy knowing that there is a world-class operating environment to support their growing business and a dedicated team of experts to make sure that it runs smoothly at all times, even during exceptionally high peaks.

Rich Customer Experience – Anytime Anywhere Anydevice

The platform uses enterprise class CDN-(Content Delivery Network) to greatly speed up page/site load times regardless of where your customer is accessing your site from. When data is shared across channels, customers experience a more consistent and rewarding shopping experience. The platform bridges the digital and in-store technologies to provide a seamless consumer experience that is consistent across all channels.

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Social Media Integration

Social Media including Facebook and Twitter continue to be a major influencer of “Word of Mouth” marketing. The iMarketVend Commerce Platform integrates social media sharing of products and delivering campaigns across Twitter and Facebook simultaneously.

Email and SMS Alerts

Alerts can be configured in the system and are delivered via Email or SMS. The elements of every email message can be tailored to suit specific recipients. The platform is proven to deliver more relevant information, and more importantly, better results: driving 10-20% more by preventing loss of sales due to stock-out situations or low inventory.

Single View of Multi-Store, Multi Warehouse Inventory

You can manage inventory across all sites and setup reorder levels and alerts. Each site can have custom inventory assigned to it or can be shared across sites and touchpoints. You can configure the site to automatically stop displaying items that are not in stock. The iMarketVend platform uses a single shared view of customer, order, product, inventory and promotion data across all channels and solutions, including both digital and in-store interactions. By capturing this data in realtime  from across the entire organization, iMarketVend solution is able to aggregate it and put it in the hands of retailers for efficient inventory control.

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