We understand that each Retailer is unique in several ways and has different preferences, strengths and strategic needs for managing their data and infrastructure

On the Cloud – Hosted on iMarketVend Private Cloud and managed by iMarketVend

We deploy the application on a private cloud thereby eliminating the nuisance and surprises that often happen with the public cloud where you do not know who you are sharing the hardware resources with. Your solution is allocated resources based on your needs and traffic and can be scaled up when needed.

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Dedicated instance – Hosted and Managed By iMarketVend

This option gives you additional dedicated resources where a dedicated instance of the application is deployed for your use and in a “shared nothing” environment. The hardware and application is managed by us and the instance if used by you exclusively. This option is ideal for high traffic sites and marketplaces or Digital Wallet sites.

On Premise – Managed By you or our Regional Partner

We have had some customers who require full control over their hosting environment for ultimate data privacy or regulatory reasons. The On-Premise option is best suited for such deployments offering you full control of the hosting environment. We manage the application remotely as and when needed and the application is hosted on your infrastructure.

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