iMarketVend Omni-Channel Commerce Cloud

The most comprehensive solution for Omni-Channel retail

B2C/B2B E-Commerce

Reaching the Connected Customer on all touchpoints.

The iMarketVend platform enables you to launch online retail portals for a vast and varied target customer base in a very short time. The platform seamlessly provides Multi-Language and Multi-Currency capabilities. Using the iMarketVend solution your customers can reach you on all touchpoints – both in-store and online.


Mobile Commerce

Multichannel transformation requires technology that can seamlessly merge various retail touch points. The iMarketVend Mobile platform extends the reach of your storefront to every Mobile Device that supports a browser. Mobile Optimized Web that supports all Smartphones and Native Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android.


Omni-Channel B2C CRM

The most comprehensive B2C CRM Platform.

The iMarketVend Omni-Channel B2C CRM is a pure B2C CRM that lets you connect and engage with your customers across all touch points to build and enhance your relationship, increase brand loyalty and repeat purchases. The platform lets you engage your customers on every channel including Email, smartphones, tablets, Internet, search Engines, Social Media and in-store. Using the iMarketVend B2C CRM you can execute Omni-Channel Campaigns and promotions, build mobile optimized landing pages for campaigns, post messages on twitter and facebook and more.

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Cloud RMS/POS Solution

iMarketVend Cloud RMS/POS Solution closes the loop on true “Omni Channel Retailing”

iMarketVend Cloud RMS/POS solution is a unique solution specifically designed for multi-store retail chains and multi-seller Franchises. It has all the functionality of a traditional POS system, but at a significantly lower investment and running cost. The solution is offered as a cloud-based service and there is no need for the merchant to have a server onsite. It extends capabilities of POS terminals to anywhere in the store or on the road. The solution goes much further than traditional POS systems by providing advanced features like Business Intelligence, and Financial Accounting.


Campaign Management

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Powerful Segmentation and Targeting, Customizable Campaign Landing Pages

With powerful built in Email Marketing Module, you can run campaigns, segment your customers using a rules based approach and develop campaign landing pages for digital as well as conventional campaigns. The solution lets you generate QR codes for each landing page for use in conventional media marketing.

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Business Intelligence – Dashboards

More than 50 built-in Dashboards that provide deep insights to every part of your business

50+ dashboards provide you actionable information into store operations, category performance, product performance, marketing effectiveness and overall sales and profitability KPI metrics. You don’t need to spend months and dollars to implement a separate Business Intelligence Solution.


Business Intelligence – Reports

For the Numbers-Savvy executive, the iMarketVend platform offers over 60 built-in reports

We understand how important it is to look at numbers for any retail business manager. While visualizations offer a quick snapshot of business health and overall  trends, it is critical to dig deeper into numbers to read the pulse of the business.

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Financial Accounting

Integrated Financial Accounting module that does the hard work for you

iMarketVend Platform includes a user friendly Financial Accounting module. You don’t need to be a finance wizard to do accounting in the iMV-Finance module. It comes pre-configured for Retail Businesses and seamlessly provides Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Tax/VAT  Reports and more – it just works!

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